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StingRay Sender

StingRay Sender is a desktop utility for Mac & Windows users to simplify the process of sending files. StingRay Sender is the most simple way for internal users to send files through StingRay, users simply drag and drop files onto the application, enter the email address, subject and press send. Files are then delivered to StingRay which sends an email to the recipient with a link to download the file(s).

Take a look at the short video below to see how easy it is to set up and use StingRay Sender.



Technical Specifications

StingRay Sender will run on Windows 7/8 and any version of Mac OSX

Licence Requirements

StingRay Sender requires the StingRay SDK to function. This is a one off cost, the Sender application is an unlimited, unlicensed utility that can be installed across as many desktops as you require. If you would like to evaluate StingRay Sender please get in contact for a time limited SDK trial license.

Configuration Instructions

To edit the email notification template, log into StingRay as Admin and go to – System Management > Notification Setup > Custom Hyperlink Signature

Download StingRay Sender Applications

Both the Mac and Windows applications can be downloaded here.


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