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Simplifying access to StingRay’s data server


I have had several clients ask me if it is possible for local users to access StingRay’s data server area using an alternative application to StingRay Client with more functionality but in a way that is simple for users to work with.

An alternative to running StingRay Client for data server access is to use FileZilla, but in order to make it easy to use for users I have put together a simple ‘how to’ which walks you through how to create an ‘application wrapper’ using Automator. This will call the FileZilla application and also pass parameters without leaving behind hanging Terminal windows or using ugly icons.

Here’s how it can be done:

Create a site in FileZilla in the Site Manager pane. Set the host as the internal IP of the StingRay and add the local users username and password. Once this is done make a note of what you have named the site under ‘My Sites’ on the left of the window.

Filezilla Screenshot

    • Launch Automator (in the Applications folder).
    • Choose ‘Application’ as the type of document.
    • Type ‘shell script’ in the filter and double click on ‘Run Shell Script’ to add a shell script to the application.

On the right you will see a text box with the word ‘cat’ in it. Delete this, then type the following command in the text box:

      • /Users/chaz/Applications/FileZilla.app/Contents/MacOS/filezilla –-site=0/StingRay

Make sure the path is correct for where your FileZilla application is located on your file system. The site parameter is calling the site entry from FileZilla’s Site Manager pane.

PLEASE NOTE: The ’0/’ is required for this to work.

Automator Screenshot

      • Press Apple-s to save it and name it ‘StingRay Data Server’.

Once this is done you can create a custom icon for it and add it as follows:

      • Find StingRay-Client in the Applications folder and single-click it to highlight it (don’t launch the application).
      • Press Apple-i to get the info window on this application.
      • Click on the icon inside the info window.
      • Press Apple-c to copy the icon.
      • Press Apple-i to get the info window on the created Automator application.
      • Click on the icon inside the info window.
      • Press Apple-v to paste your custom icon.

The result will be a shiny new application named ‘StingRay Data Server’ that when launched will execute FileZilla with the parameters set.

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