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Technical Resources


StingRay firmware updates are available free of charge to existing StingRay users holding a valid current Bronze, Silver or Gold support and maintenance contract.

In order to run the latest update file, please ensure your StingRay holds a valid update licence.  You can find out whether your StingRay’s update licence is valid via the internal web browser interface.  Please login as an IT administrator, go to ‘Site Information’ and check the ‘Software Update Licence’ date recorded at the bottom of the page.


StingRay Licence Information

If for any reason your software update licence expiration date is not valid, but you hold a valid Bronze, Silver or Gold maintenance contract, please email the Pro2col customer service department customerservice (at) pro2col.com and we will issue a new update licence for install.

If you are unsure of exactly how to run your StingRay software licence or 3.1 update, please download the StingRay 3.1 Upgrade Guide guide for further details.

If you do not hold a valid support and maintenance contract, please contact the Pro2col sales department on 0333 123 1240 for firmware update pricing.


StingRay Firmware Update Files

PLEASE NOTE: All Mac client licences will need to be updated to 3.0.2 in order to work with the 3.1.x update.


Please Note: In order to benefit from the Quicksend delivery option via the Client Application when running Firmware version 2.6 and above, please ensure you download and run the latest version of StingRay’s Mac Client Application below (3.0).  If you are currently running 2.0.1 or 2.0.2, an update to 3.0 will not be chargeable. If you are currently running StingRay Client 1.2.1, please contact the Pro2col sales department on 0333 123 1240 for update pricing.

Quicksend is now available via the internal web interface when running StingRay version 3.1.

This ChangeLog refers to the updates released for Hermstedt StingRay firmware version 2.5.0 and above:

[+] – new feature
[*] – improved / changed feature
[!] – information / bug fixed
[-] – known bugs

StingRay FTS Firmware version: 3.1.1 27-06-2013


[*] The QuickSend pane can now be enabled/disabled for individual local users
[*] Improvements have been made to how StingRay truncates filenames
[!] QuickSend jobs no longer fail when there is an address book entry set for an outgoing hyperlink job with an empty receiver email address

StingRay FTS Firmware version: 3.1.0 06-01-2013


[+] New page added to the internal web interface called ‘Quicksend’
[+] Job details now show the custom QuickSend message (only if this message exists)
[+] Auto login for external web interface
[+] Welcome to message now displays name of server
[*] Apache upgraded
[*] openssl upgraded
[*] openssh upgraded
[!] Filename suffixes are preserved when forwarding over FTP or SMB
[!] Problem fixed relating to authentication failing when contacting email server for hyperlink emails

StingRay FTS Firmware version: 3.0.3 17-10-2011

[+] StingRay can now forward files using the SMB protocol (for more info see the FAQ)
[*] HTML support in email hyperlink signatures (for more info see the FAQ)

StingRay FTS Firmware version: 3.0.2 19-08-2011

[+] SDK extended to include the automation of hyperlink quicksend (for more info see FAQ’s)
[*] StingRay Client no longer shows 0 bytes jobs in the incoming jobs queue
[*] The subject in the incoming jobs queue now shows first file received when using job tickets

StingRay FTS Firmware version: 3.0.1 28-06-2011

[+] Job tickets now support the use of regular expressions (for more info see FAQ’s)
[*] The ability to duplicate job tickets (for more info see FAQ’s)
[*] The job tickets pane can now only me accessed by a local user with admin rights
[!] Changes made to solve an issue where a couple of users were having problems with links in hyperlink emails

StingRay FTS Firmware version: 3.0.0 14-03-2011

[+] Job ticketing system added as part of a new Workflow Managent section
[*] External web interface has been reskinned
[*] It is now possible to customise the external web interface by uploading a modified css file
[!] Fixed: Mixed case username and passwords caused authentication issues through the external web interface
[!] Removed ADH ciphers from openssl leaving HIGH:MEDIUM:-SSLv2:-ADH (for more info OpenSSL.org)

StingRay FTS Firmware version: 2.6.3 05-11-2010

[!] Fixed: Missing syntax causing forwarding jobs to fail when the ‘Create new subfolder’ option was not selected

StingRay FTS Firmware version: 2.6.2 11-10-2010

[!] Changes made to the way StingRay abbreviates long filenames when sent using the StingRay Client application
[!] File created and modified timestamp issue causing the link in hyperlink emails to break has been fixed

StingRay FTS Firmware version: 2.6.1 03-08-2010

[+] Hyperlink emails now have a Reply-To: header with the address of the local user who created the job
[*] File upload to an exchange server address book entry using the external web interface is much quicker
[*] During ftp receive, duplicate filenames are appended a number: name.pdf.1 – filenames are now changed to name.1.pdf in order to maintain the ability to open them with a double click
[!] Changes made to the sender agent to improve the forwarding of jobs in high use environments
[!] Improved stability for the external web interface and more error codes added to aid troubleshooting

StingRay FTS Firmware version: 2.6.0 23-04-2010

[+] External web interface now supports HTTPS with the ability to create a self-signed SSL certificate
[+] Incoming jobs can be sent directly to incoming jobs list using the external web interface
[*] External web interface now displays a personalised customer login
[*] Hyperlink jobs can be set to delete after a configurable time
[*] Hyperlink email text is customisable
[!] Improved compatibility with MS Entourage

StingRay FTS Firmware version: 2.5.3 27-11-2009

[+] Compatibility with StingRay Client 2.0
[!] Fixed: Changes made to the database to solve a problem that would cause the Sender Agent to not start

StingRay FTS Firmware version: 2.5.2-2 25-09-2009

[!] Fixed: Bug in code which made download links in the external web interface unusable in other web interfaces other than Safari

StingRay FTS Firmware version: 2.5.2-1 16-09-2009

[!] The rotation of logs caused the external web interface to stop in a few instances
[!] Error 1006 does not show anymore when using StingRay Client

StingRay FTS Firmware version: 2.5.2 25-08-2009

[+] Ability to upload a custom logo for the external web interface and option to change back to default logo
[*] The “Mail access data” button in the address book entry now displays the correct external IP address. This allows correct IP/DNS when using NAT. The external IP is set in the Network Configuration pane
[*] Option added to hide the user name and password for data server access in the “Mail access data” email
[*] When a hyperlink job is created using a hotfolder the default subject field in the email is: “[StingRay Name] has sent you some files …”
[*] Hyperlink email shows filesize in Bytes / Kb / Mb or Gb
[*] External Webserver: The webpages now reflect when external users are allowed to write or delete
[*] Email address fields can now use real names: [Realname]
[*] All email fields can contain multiple addresses with the exception of the outgoing field in a hyperlink address book entry
[!] Fixed: Changes made to the database to solve a problem where outgoing jobs do not send experienced by a couple of users
[!] Fixed: Outgoing hyperlink jobs now show the correct file size in the outgoing jobs queue

StingRay FTS Firmware version: 2.5.1-2 26-03-2009

[+] SSH can now be turned on and off from within the web interface
[*] Temperature of the StingRay can now be monitored using the SNMP protocol
[*] Multiple email addresses can now be used in all notification fields: Email addresses should be separated by a ‘,’
[*] When clients login through the external web interface the default folder is now ‘/exchange’
[*] The URL for the external web interface has been shortened: The string ‘/exchange/’ is now omited
[!] Fixed: “Disconnect Time (Minutes)” in “Transmission Configuration”: All incoming jobs with no activity are closed after this time; the jobs will then be forwarded (if configured)
[!] Fixed: Setting “Outbound Concurrent Calls” in “Transmission Configuration”: This is the maximum number of jobs sending and forwarding at the same time
[-] When multiple email addresses are entered into the ‘Administrator E-Mail’ option in the ‘System Configuration’ pane, the auto backup to administrator email function does not work

StingRay FTS Firmware version: 2.5.1 03-02-2009

[+] Hyperlink email is now formatted in HTML and has plain text also
[*] The ‘notification by email’ field can contain multiple email addresses seperated by comma plus whitespace
[*] Local users can have names with special characters – The following are allowed: 0-9 a-z A-Z +-_@.# and whitespace
[!] Fixed: Local users can have ‘Show All Jobs’ disabled.

StingRay Client

If you’re unsure which StingRay Client you require, check out our FAQ here
[+] – new feature
[*] – improved / changed feature
[!] – information / bug fixed
[-] – known bugs

StingRay Client version: 3.0.2 04-03-2013

[!] Compatibility with StingRay firmware 3.1.0

StingRay Client version: 3.0.0 14-03-2011

[!] Compatibility with StingRay firmware 3.0.0

StingRay Client version: 2.0.2 18-05-2010

[+] ‘Quick send’ feature updated to allow hyperlink jobs to be sent to an email address that does not have an address book entry (available in firmware v 2.6.x or above)

StingRay Client version: 2.0.1 23-12-2009

[!] Fixed: Mark Job as done and Mark Job as in progress now works
[!] Fixed: Repaired colour handling in job list (Did not work for incoming jobs)

StingRay Client version: 2.0 7-12-2009

[+] StingRay Client Application now runs natively in Mac OS X (No longer requires the Rosetta engine to be present)
[+] StingRay Client now supports Growl notifications
[*] Address book pane has been expanded to include all the options available through the web interface

StingRay Sender

StingRay Sender is free to download and install. It does however require a Software Development Kit (SDK) licence to function. If you would like to evaluate or purchase an SDK please contact sales – +44 (0) 1202 433 415 or email sales @ pro2colgroup.com

StingRay Sender version: 1.0 13-3-2014


If you can’t find what you’re looking for or you require some help from one of our engineers, please contact the Pro2col support department on 0333 123 1260.

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