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Professional Services

Pro2col offer a range of professional services to ensure that you get the most out of StingRay.  From ensuring the optimum deployement within your specfic network environment to comprehensive administrator and user training – we want to make sure the solution works hard for your business.

Here’s a breakdown of the standard services that we offer:



To ensure the optimum deployment of your StingRay solution, we offer both onsite and offsite installation services.  During a typical installation, we will:

  • Deploy StingRay within your network environment
  • Configure the solution to interact with your internal systems e.g. email servers, file servers, MIS systems etc.
  • Set up test accounts to demostrate StingRay’s core functionality


Basic training is provided as part of the onsite installation process.  However, if you already use StingRay and want to arrange extended training sessions for new administrators or user groups, just contact Pro2col on 0333 123 1240 for more details.


The team responsible for looking after StingRay will receive training that covers:

  • User Adminstration
  • Further branding and configuration options
  • Customising email notifications
  • Backing up the server configuration and production data
  • Creating Job Tickets
  • Workflow Forwarding


Everyday system users will receiving training that covers:

  • How to send and receive files
  • Setting up addresbook entries
  • Using the client application if applicable
  • Downloading files from StingRay


Whether your introducing new systems and technologies to the business, or simplying trying to maxmise your existing systems and infrastructure with further integration and automation, we can help.  Pro2col offer tailored onsite and offsite consultancy packages so that we can work with you to further integrate and streamline your internal processes.

Simply contact one of our StingRay consultants on 0333 123 1240 to discuss your requirements.


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