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Case Studies

printed.com Logo

Web-to-print specialists deliver excellent customer service by integrating StingRay with their production workflows

Find out how printed.com improved the overall efficiency of the company’s production process with StingRay, leading to faster job turnaround and a significant return on investment.

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Dominion Screen and Print Logo

Leading Large Format Print Company Replaces Standard FTP & Improves Customer Service Experience with Hermstedt StingRay

Find out how Dominion Screen & Digital Print addressed the inadequacies of FTP and notably improved the efficiency and reliability of large file transfer within the business.

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CTT Online Logo

Specialist Pre-media Production Company Opts for StingRay to Drive Down File Transfer Costs

Find out how CTT solved their tracking and logging dilemma, automated aspects of their file transfer processes and eliminated monthly subscription costs with the StingRay file transfer server.

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Ashford Colour Press Logo

Top 500 Print Company  Turns to Adaptive (part of Pro2col) for Automated File Transfer and Preflight Workflow

Find out how Ashford Colour Press established more reliable and efficient file transfer processes by integrating file transfer with their preflight and production workflow.

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