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File Sending Options

Designed to make sending and receiving files child’s play!

It’s very unlikely that all of your customers and trading partners will send and receive files in the same way. Each will have their prefered file sending options with some preferring FTP solutions, others email – and when it comes to large files, many business still rely on ineffcicent and expensive services such as couriers.  This makes it difficult to keep track of all of the files coming into and out of your business.  More worryingly it can result in files getting lost and jobs being delayed, which can have a negative impact on your brand and productivity.

StingRay was designed to combat these problems by simplifying and centralising your file transfer.  It offers a range of incoming and outgoing file sending options to suit you and your customers, yet all files can be monitored, viewed and downloaded from one central point – the incoming and outgoing jobs queue.

Take a look at StingRay’s files sending options in more detail:

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