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Workflow Automation

Automation is key to any modern business. The pressure to do more with less is increasing and in this crowded marketplace, organisations are having to pull out all the stops to stay ahead of the competition.

That’s why StingRay has been developed with file transfer automation in mind.

StingRay Job Tickets using External Web Interface

Job Tickets

Giving your workflow the information it needs to, well… flow!

Job Tickets are a new feature, exclusive to the latest 3.0 release.  It offers you the ability to capture unique job information upfront with the use of a customisable web form.  Forwarded directly into your workflow as an XML ticket along with the submitted file, only your imagination can limit the potential of this automation feature.

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Workflow Forwarding

Bridging the gap between your file transfer and workflows

So, StingRay’s web interface has given your customers a quick and simple way to send files to you – check

Job Tickets have provided you with the information you need to drive your workflows – check

You have an internal workflow to streamline your internal processes – check.

The question remains, how do you feed these files and information into your workflow?

The answer – workflow forwarding.  This feature enables you to point incoming files into a specified mailbox which is then forwarded directly into your internal workflows.  StingRay has been tried and tested with a range of commercially available workflow solutions including:

  • Enfocus Switch
  • Esko Odystar
  • Dalium Twist

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