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File Transfer for Retail

Sending collateral to agencies/ publishers/ printers and geographically disparate office locations is a vital part of core operations for retail marketing departments.  Whether PR, large digital photos, design files or advertisements Рthe ability to share and exchange ideas quickly and efficiently is crucial.  Streamlining design and proofing processes eliminates the need to waste unnecessary time on fruitless activities such as administering FTP servers and unblocking clogged email servers.

Retail marketing departments worldwide count on StingRay for their file transfer.

Discover how you can:

  • Centralise all of your incoming and outgoing file transfer activities into one, easy to use solution.
  • Provide your clients with exceptional flexibility by offering a range of simple file sending options.
  • Rest in the knowledge that your mission critical files have arrived safely with email notification and auditing features.
  • Eliminate the time wasted monitoring FTP servers, waiting for those time-sensitive files to arrive.
  • Eradicate the need to use unreliable, environmentally unfriendly and costly courier services.

If you’re a retail company or a marketing department and would like to know more about StingRay, please feel free to contact us or arrange a demo.

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