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File Transfer for Agencies

For creative agencies, the ability to share ideas and concepts with customers is vital to successful business operations.  As such, you want to make sure that these processes are as simple, effective and streamlined as possible.  To enable you to focus 100% of your time and resources on delivering the ultimate campaign for your customers, you need to implement a solution that will take care of your file sharing with minimal fuss and maximum effectiveness. Creative Agencies across the board are using StingRay to achieve just this.

Find out how you can:

  • Centralise all of your incoming and outgoing file transfers in one solution.
  • Provide your customers with greater flexibility by offering a range of simple file sending options.
  • Send large image files without the worry of clogging both your and your customers’ email servers.
  • Speed up the proofing/collaboration process with timely, notified file deliveries.
  • Send print-ready files directly into your printers workflow.
  • Free your IT department from the burden of managing the issues caused by ineffective large file transfer methods such as traditional FTP and email.

If you’re an agency company and would like to know more about StingRay, please feel free to contact us or arrange a demo.

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