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Is StingRay Affected by the Heartbleed OpenSSL bug

heartbleed open ssl bug

The Internet has been awash with hysteria surrounding the widely reported Heartbleed bug in OpenSSL announced a couple of days ago.  We’ve had a number of calls from concerned StingRay users so we’d thought we’d allay your fears and put or record that StingRay is NOT affected by the Heartbleed bug.

We released StingRay firmware version 3.1.x a while ago …

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Introducing StingRay Sender

Its been a little while since we had something new to shout about so we’re excited to tell you all about the new StingRay Sender.

StingRay Sender is a desktop utility that we’ve developed to make sending files to your customers even easier.  Install the application on your desktop, enter your user details and then all you need to do …

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Simplifying access to StingRay’s data server

I have had several clients ask me if it is possible for local users to access StingRay’s data server area using an alternative application to StingRay Client with more functionality but in a way that is simple for users to work with.

An alternative to running StingRay Client for data server access is to use FileZilla, but in order to …

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Automated outgoing file sending for Xinet

One of our customers running a Xinet WebNative server informed us that they were having problems sending files out to external customers FTP servers.  Xinet is a great DAM but its FTP file transfer capabilities are not strong so we helped them to get more visibility of their file transfers by getting Xinet to send its files to StingRay which …

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News International uses StingRay in automated FTP workflow

News International, a long time StingRay customer recently revealed that they were using their StingRay in an automated FTP workflow.

In an effort to streamline the receipt of video clips from Sky TV, StingRay had been implemented to improve the process of the getting the files to their video editing facility.

As a dedicated FTP Server Appliance, StingRay’s ability to …

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I have an FTP server, why should I invest in a StingRay?

So, you have an FTP server and want to know why you should invest in StingRay? OK, here’s a quick summary of the key reasons why this would be a valuable investment;

How it began…

The basic evolution of graphic arts and prepress file transfer requirements have seen a movement away from data being couriered on disks and drives, to …

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Enfocus Switch Resellers, ‘WE NEED YOU’!!

Hermstedt StingRay integrates with Enfocus Switch

Hermstedt StingRay has been a widely used file transfer solution in the UK and Germany for some years.  With recent enhancements to the functionality around XML Job Tickets, we now integrate seamlessly with Enfocus PowerSwitch and are actively looking for Enfocus Switch resellers and distributor partners worldwide.

What is StingRay?

Hermstedt StingRay is …

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Integrate file transfer with your pre-media workflow

StingRay’s XML Job Tickets and workflow forwarding allow for pretty much a universal ability to integrate file transfer with internal pre-media systems.  These might include workflow solutions (e.g. Enfocus PowerSwitch, Esko Odystar, Dalim Twist, DFlux and more), Print MIS/ERP (e.g. Shuttleworth, Tharsten, SolPrint and more), file servers, RIP’s or Variable Data Print solutions to name a few options.

The return …

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Configuring HTTPS file transfer on Hermstedt StingRay provides industry standard security

Having recently spoken to a number of existing customers about recent functionality added to StingRay it appears that many are unaware of the ability to configure StingRay to allow for secure file transfer using the HTTPS protocol.

HTTPS has been an option in StingRay since April 2010 but with the increased awareness around data security we’re finding more StingRay users …

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Using XML Job Tickets to drive your workflow or MIS

StingRay regularly competes for the title of ‘pre-media file transfer solution of choice’ but has in recent times added functionality, which has allowed it to pull away from standard FTP servers and provide significant integration and automation capabilities.

Everyone knows that automation is the name of the game when it comes to driving down costs and this can be …

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